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Mário Júnior
   One of the best movies of our generation. This is a classic up there with the other great Italian Films like Godfather 1/2, Once Upon A Time, Casino, Goodfellas, & My Cousin Vinnie.
Great music, great acting, great story. It has it all!
   This was for my 9 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Great quality, good fit!
Gunners Sahaz
   Hario coffee maker with this paper filter makes simple yet best coffee at home.
Randy Par
   I love these! I wish they had more to order. The actual color is much more purple than the picture which, for me, was a bonus!
Renzo De Rossi
   Saw the show and really enjoyed the music. This CD is a great reminder of a fun time!
Nick Schwanbeck
   Excellent Product, Price, Communication,Fast Shipping,Highly Recommend, T/U

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